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Ronald Reagan, 1985: "These gentleman are the moral equivalents of America`s Founding Fathers."
By White Noise Insanity

No? Here’s a picture of the meeting between Reagan and the ‘freedom fighters’ (which is what Reagan referred to the Taliban as back in the 80’s and also considered them to be no different than America’s Founding Fathers)…

Nice huh? The American Taliban (today’s republic party) is going batshit crazy with the idea President Obama shook hands (and received a book! The nerve of that ‘dictator’!!!) with Hugo Chavez, you know, the guy George Bush labeled an enemy of America without any proof as to why. Anyway, Newt Gingrich is now claiming that republicans never meet with dictators (especially the Russian ones!) or the bad guys (nor do they shake hands, kiss, bow, or look them in the eye to see their soul!). Uh huh.

Here’s what Newt Who Needs Gingko Biloba said (quotes copied from Think Progress):

    Q: But do you think he should not be trying to mend relationships with other world leaders?

    GINGRICH: How do you mend relationships with somebody who hates your country, who actively calls for the destruction of your country and who wants to undermine you?

    Q: But we certainly have mended relationships with countries that have hated us in the past. Russia comes to mind, China comes to mind.

    GINGRICH: But we didn’t rush over, smile, and greet Russian dictators. We understood who they were.

Interesting Newty, because George Bush said he could see Vladamir Putin’s soul upon meeting him for the first time…

Bush & Putin were basically in love with each other, but according to Newty, republicans never reach out to the Russians or dictators in general.

Here’s Newt Gingrich meeting with Russia’s former Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin…

Ooooopsie. And they’re smiling and carrying on too! Oh boy. HYPOCRITE/LIAR.

Then there was the time George Bush met with Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan….you know….the brutal dictator who likes to BOIL PEOPLE ALIVE for shits and giggles (and the country where George Bush sent some of the prisoners to be tortured at the secret CIA prisons there!)….

Of course, everyone remembers the time Donald Rumsfeld under Ronald Reagan couldn’t wait to meet their new buddy, Saddam Hussein….

Every time I see this photo of Rummy shaking hands with Saddam, all I can hear is him saying to Saddam, "Man, am I glad to meet you! I can’t wait to start selling you arms and helping you any way I can! So nice to meet ya Saddam!”.

Republican leaders most definitely smile at Russian dictators…

…so don’t let Newt fool ya. In fact, every picture I’ve come across online of the right wingers with dictators(HERE and HERE especially!), I see lots of smiling!!! Tons of it!!!!

The funniest part about the right wing’s made up controversy over President Obama shaking hands with Hugo Chavez? Chavez isn’t a dictator. He was duly elected overwhelmingly by the people of Venezuala. Dictators don’t allow free elections!
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Major Lackland
15:11 - 1391/01/24
No one has embraced the enemy more than Barry Obama.
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