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Publish Date: 29 May 2012 - 17:35
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Human Rights
Terrorists in Syria have sent a European embassy videos of events happening in Houla to bear the name of Syrian Army, while the embassy exposed the lies and crimes of militant guerilla. After massacre by militant guerillas in Houla, Syria, videos revealing the guerilla activity is highly graphic and self-evident. Videos show militants, some of them wearing traditional Arab clothes (deshdasheh), carry RPG and going back and forth without any harassment. 

Alhaqiqa reported that Damascus opposition forces have handed in the video to a European embassy in Damascus as revealing Syrian Army mortar-shell attacks to be leaked to mainstream media. The source is said to be a British agent.

It is said that the embassy investigated the video and stated that it may not be publicized anymore, since it could demonize the militant opposition groups rather than Syrian government.

According to Fars News, The video is said to be broadcasted in Daily Motion, have subtitles imbedded by the opposition and occasionally signals armed individuals by red line and gives sensitive information about them.

Opposition said that their stronghold was attacked by Syrian mortar-shell, but independent sources claim that what is viewed in the video, are armed individuals in local clothes, carrying mortar and calmly fires it and returns to his stronghold. Should the city shelled by the Army, it would have been impossible to take refuge in such a place, dangerous also to the militants themselves.

According to Alhaqiqa (the truth), video depicts the Army fighting with militants, which debunks claims that the Army heavily attacked the place. It was only a minor clash.

Yesterday, BBC broadcasted photos purportedly being the images of children killed in artillery attacks of the Syrian Army to Houla. 
Illegal photo of BBC ascribed to Houla massacre

No sooner than did BBC published the photos that Italian photographer Marco Di Lauro expressed his shock on the illegal images of the BBC. He claimed that these photos have been taken by himself in March 2003 in Iraq, showing the US crimes in Iraq and not children killed in Syria. 

Alakhbariya, Syrian TV reported that BBC immediately stopped broadcasting the photos as Italian photographer denounced the act. However, the great lie was exposed in another news item.

Ahhaqiqa reported that the view of the militant men with mortars reminds one of the bogus reports of massacre of Karam Alzaytoon, where it was claimed that Syrian Army had killed 200 people and injured another 500 in the threshold of UN Security Council meeting. Only hours later it was revealed that 40 men killed from both sides in a clash with the opposition, and none of the victims were women and children. 

The sheer number of the victims and aggrandizement against Syrian Army coincides with the statements of Hussein Almorteza, Al-alam News Executive in Syria, that ‘opposition would soon embark on the propaganda to deflect the world from their successive failures’.
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07:41 - 1391/03/14
Nah.. denouncing this massacre with one "video" is stupid and pathetic. You can see the pics.. you can see the videos. You choose what you want to see and doing so.. makes you a criminal. If you really had a good intention you would see that this was a huge tragedy. Also where is the authors name? How credible is he?
08:47 - 1392/11/08
مرگ بر عربستان و اسرائيل
عمر بن سعید
13:43 - 1393/02/21
جنایات انجام شده حاصل عملکرد عربستان سعودی و قطر است
| - |
16:59 - 1393/08/05
عربستان و قطرجز بازيچه اي در دست مطاع استعماري غرب نيستند.
09:05 - 1393/04/17
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