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Publish Date: 21 May 2016 - 23:55
Brazilian protesters have taken to the streets of Sao Paulo, calling for the resignation of interim President Michel Temer.
The protesters on Friday held banners and chanted slogans in support of suspended president Dilma Rousseff.

Security forces attempted to block the rally, but later cleared the way for the demonstrators to march towards Roosevelt Square in the city center.

Also on Friday night, about 2,000 people gathered for a musical performance by iconic musician Caetano Veloso and other singers in protest against Temer and his decision to abolish the country's Culture Ministry.

The concert was held at a government building in central Rio de Janeiro where activists, who consider Temer's acting presidency illegitimate, have been camped out since Monday.

Temer stepped up from the post of vice-president to replace Rousseff, who was suspended as president on May 12 after the Senate voted 55 to 22 in favor of opening an impeachment trial against her.

The impeachment bid was launched over allegations that Rousseff fiddled with government accounts in 2014 so she could increase public spending as a means of wooing votes for re-election. 

Rouseff should stand trial in the Senate within six months. The Senate will have to decide whether to disqualify her for presidency. If she is removed from office, Temer will retain the presidency until scheduled elections in 2018.

Rousseff has condemned the impeachment drive as a coup, pledging to fight on during her trial.

Ever since her suspension, Brazil has been the scene of nationwide rallies.
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