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Sean Stone:
In an interview with, Sean Stone talks about the influence of Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears on American women, men and even children in addition to how Hollywood affects culture and politics. He considers Britain more of a threat than Israel and besides he gave us his viewpoint on Iran’s Leader.
What follows is the transcription of the interview with Sean before his conversion to Islam. He talked to while he was attending a conference on Hollywoodism that has been held along with the Fajr film festival.

Hello Sean,
Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for 

My first question is what do you think about the Hollywood film Industry and its influences on people, as far as family values,is measured and so on?

That is a good question; I mean I think it goes all the way back to Disney, does it not? I believe that Disney is part of what they call the Illuminati structure and what they do is that they use hidden symbols in the messaging in their films , various subliminal messages and you know its very ironic that even dumbo, for instance , the hallucination sequence, you see these triangles , the great pyramids with the all seeing eye.
It is just so convective, you know the people who know the symbols, people who are part of the Masonic structure, or people who know the hidden mystery school traditions, are always very aware of these signs.
Therefore, the point is that Disney gives you a certain conception to the world,what they see is that, men are all princes and women are all princess and they are waiting for their man to come and rescue them.
I know that it affects a lot of people and they grow up with a certain fantasy the fantasy of reality and of course you then have the nefarious aspect of it, where you are actually trying to program people like Wizard of Oz.

For example, it is teaching you that life is multi dimensional so one dimension is black and white and then the other dimension, which is Oz, and in Ozit’s like where the Illuminati rule apparently with their wizard and their witch is really a fake witch.
 I mean, if I think about bin Laden for example, I think of him as the witch that was killed and its very ironic that when he was killed, even though I am not sure if it was him or not, when they said he was killed it was April 30th which is the day of the Sabbath.
The next day, they said the witch is dead and the next day the future King,King William was married. So it is like, wow the witch is dead and long lives the king. There is always little hidden meanings if you look at it and that’s how this works , I mean its like 9/11 , one, one and what do you have; the two towers and they are both Masonic, the tower structures the two pillars.
Why do they have the pentagon as the pentagram,it is a satanic and is being used for Satanism or it is always used for magic, so if you know what to look for, you can always find these symbols everywhere.
For example, in the west, men and women do not love each other for the right reasons, the sexes are blended, women act like men, they screw around like men and they treat men like, they have the power.

They act like they have the option to choose, they play men like, oh well I have you and six other options and the men have to show her who is going to give her the most freedom and she is going to mess around.
Traditionally  if a man was to court a woman, the man would go up to her and ask her, if he could take her out and she would tell him if she was interested or not, now it’s all a blur.
Now women are in a very difficult situation in America where, they have to work, they have to be independent and they have to make their money but yet at the same time they still want to be nurtured and taken care of, and they want be wives and have children.
How can they do that if they cannot financially support their selves, so they have no choice but to become hookers or find some rich old guy to support them.Some of them want to be independent and say I am Just as much as a man as you are, but no you are not you are woman.

Now let us talk about Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez ,do you think they are controlled by some power and they have to take orders from them?

I think they maybe reptilians ha ha ha …. I don’t want to single out people but I think Angelina Jolie is a very strong woman and I know many women that are sexually attracted to her.
To me she’s maybe reptilian; you know reptilians, like aliens and that bloodline, she definitely is a symbol for many things early in her career.
she was a symbol for almost S &M style behavior ,cutting her self, you know doing these blood rituals , witch craft stuff, so she does have that aura  around her and my father picked up on that and that’s why he put her in the movie Alexandria.
She played the sorceress, she is not actually sorceress, she is witch, she worships Bacchus,Dionysus, she is got snakes all over her, she is a bit of a sorceress in that film and I think my father is right seeing her like that.
What she is actually like and what is she doing in the large scheme, I mean people will argue that politically, she is not necessarily doing the right thing with her influence but, for better or worse, she is very active with UN politics.
I do think that there is a good motive there, I do think that she is trying to do the right thing but at the same time there are probably agendas that she is not even aware of or may not be aware of.

The UN is often working with the U.S, they’re always pushing a certain angle and agenda in each country, so you know it is a case-by-case scenario.
However, she is obviously very active physically and is she is very symbolic.Where as Jenifer Lopez, I really do not see her in the same category, I think her actually a good person but she is more of a sex symbol specially for black guys.She is more famous in the black community, being involved with rappers in the past and what not.
 I think her mind is being controlled to a certain extend.For example, look at Britney Spears, even at the beginning she was being controlled by Disney.
She was being used ritualistically to tempt young girls, to be progitive and becoming a sex symbol at the age of fifteen or sixteen to loose their sense of self and that’s the real question in the west.
How do you maintain your integrity as an individual and self respect in a world where they want you to fantasize money, so that effects every one  men and women, the message is just make money , it does not matter how you make it .
Your morality does not matter, just make money so when money is fetish zed it is hard to maintain your sense if integrity or your sole and to preserve you sole and the ability to live with yourself.
That becomes really hard until it is too late then you are shattered and ran down and lost your good looks and then all the sudden you realize I have nothing to use any more, like your good looks , wow do I steel or kill  and destroy?
That’s like the Snow White story where the witch is basically lost her looks and she has to do everything she can and to kill everyone she possibly can just to get her vanity back.

There are some good messages in the Disney movies, they are not all bad but there is a fantasy nature to it that if you do not understand it you will get wrong message.
Like the Cinderella story where they almost have to cut her foot just so the shoe fits her foot and that is very brutal or in the little mermaid she dies and she does not get what she wanted at the end.
There are messages that are intended to mess your mind up and they do whatever, good or bad just to have a happy ending and they lose the morality aspect there.

Do you think if they really wanted to, they could help world peace or the family structure bond?

I think every actor has moral decision and every filmmaker too. When you choose a roll or a story, you have to recognize the consequences of what you’re doing.
I believe that some actors have sold their sole to the devil, because often times they play rolls that where they are doing satanic ritual activity like jins and demons.
People say well it’s just a movie but no its not just a movie when you are taking a roll in part of the movie you are in the mindset of the people and when you unleash that film it’s like unleashing a porn you are not aware of the consequences.

Do you think there is a chance that they may join the ninety nine percent?

I sure hope so,there is always possibilities.
It’s just the question of awareness, we need leadership and that’s all there is to it. We need people that are smart with a good voice who understand history and know the real enemy, which is the British Empire, not Wall Street.
Wall Street is just another extension of the British Empire, if you really look at it,it is the British imperialist mentality of slaving the world, and this was performed in Venice and before that, it was in Rome and before that, it was in Babylon. Even, the Persians were sucked into the Babylonian empire and Babylon goes back in the ancient days and the Old Testament, and that was the origin of all this and all the symbols.
All this goes back to that era and that’s where the mystery schools came from and the Freemason and the Illuminati understand that and they love the fact that they have been in power and they are still holding on to it and if you  look at today there are a few million people controlling the whole world.

This question is about who or which Hollywood companies support or push the Zionist agenda in their films with symbolism like the matrix and plant Zion. That’s an interesting question; is it not mount Zion is obviously biblical?There is a little more importance to it and there are hidden meanings that goes beyond the state of Israel, as we know.The modern day Zionism is British imperialism politics and we can relate this to the Rothschild family.
The Rothschild family promoted the idea of the state of Israel, regardless of people already being there.
It should have been a state but don’t forget that British created the whole middle east map and they divided all those countries like Syria and Saudi and Iraq and so on and Israel as well and the reason was to set the stage for future wars , the same way they divided Pakistan and India.
You cannot really blame the Jews.The Jews were sent there by the British.They did not invade Palestine and I think that is a problem in Iran. I think they are confused and have this thing against a few;it’s all about the British ruling families and their policies.
For example , they were the ones to divided countries like Kuwait and the UAE .it’s all designed to divide , if you look beyond the smaller issues and see the bigger picture , they all used to be brothers and also Iran and Israel are the only non Arab countries in the middle east and historically Israel is very close with Iran.
There’re many Persian Jews in Iran and they have not been prosecuted because Iran has a long history with Jews going back to Zoroastrians.There is evidence of Iranians being very tolerant of other religions, so I don’t see Iranian prosecuting Jews. I don’t see that at all.
We have to understand and overcome the border issues and superficial divisions. We have to look at what ayatollah Khamenei has been saying about how men are all brothers and created by one god. The more we fixate on Israel and how Israelis are killing Palestinians, the more you fixate on that you are going to create a condition for war because of the fixation on persecution.
There is injustice everywhere, like the Saudi government is a good example of that.You can’t just look at one country; you have to look at the imperialist system out of England that’s the enemy, the imperialists system, that’s our enemy, if you make nations your enemy you are always going to loose.

One last question, what do you think about Ayatollah Khamenei and his messages?

To be honest I do not know enough about him and that is because we never hear anything about him in the west, in the media and when we do,it is all negative.
I can tell you one thing  since I’ve been here I have heard him say one thing and I should point out the fact that he is the only would leader that has said this and what he has said is that man is the image of god.
If you go back in time and look at history,some of the most loved leaders in the past have only said this.
And that is that man is the image of god, because if otherwise men would be like monkey’s and if we think of men as monkey’s, all you would do would be to kill each other and fight to survive and preserve you species and that’s what fascism and imperialism is, just like the British Empire.
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03:19 - 1391/01/15
in the past that he and Vanessa consider each other ushband and wife, and even refer to each other as such.So it doesn't exactly shock me that he'd refer to other couples in relationships similar to his and Vanessa's as ushband and wife. That being said, I saw something on PopSugar last night about that that really made me chuckle. They mentioned Johnny referring to Brad as Angie's ushband and wondered if it was just an innocent slip or if Johnny had is in the know and knows something we don't.They even had a poll where readers could vote whether they thought Johnny's referring to Brad as Angie's ushband was just a slip or if he's in the know (for the record, the overwheleming majority, myself included, have voted that it was just an innocent slip).Now, I didn't mind the article per se, especially since they made it clear that it was very possible that, because Johnny is in a similar relationship as Brad and Angie and he and Vanessa consider themselves married, he was just using the term loosely.But I thought it was funny because this is hardly the first time someone in the media has referred to Brad and Angie as each other's ushband/wife. Yet suddenly they wonder if it means anything?By now we should know that that's just the way a lot of media outlets refer to Brad and Angie!And really, even if Angie and Brad WERE married (which I doubt, because Angie made it very clear while promoting Salt that they aren't) and Johnny knew about it, I highly doubt he would let that fact slip!As we all know, he is an EXTREMELY private person himeself, so it's not too likely he's going to spill the beans on someone else's private life! Then again, Jack Black didn't mean to announce to the world that Angie was having twins, so obviously anything's possible!I just don't think it's very likely that Johnny would slip.All of that being said, I think the reason a lot of media outlets refer to Angie and Brad as ushband and wife is because they don't know how else to refer to them.I mean, even Angie and Brad have said that they don't always know how to refer to each other (I still chuckle when I remember Angie talking about that and saying that sometimes they'll be like, Hey, you, the father of my children! )!The fact is there just aren't many ways to refer to people in a long-term relationship like Angie and Brad. As Sherry has said in the past, at this point they're more than just girlfriend and boyfriend.Partner is a term that can be used (speaking of which, I recently read an article where Brad was referred to as Angie's ushband, and then a little later in the article as her partner. It was quite clear to me that the author of that article was having trouble figuring out how to refer to them!) but a lot of people feel that feels too much like you're discussing a business relationship or something.And lover isn't exactly a term most people are going to use, because that's a term often used to refer to someone who's having an affair with a married/committed person (okay, I just realized that sounded a little weird. I mean, it's a little hard to have an affair with someone who ISN'T married/commited! Last I checked, it's not an affair when two single people fall in love and end up in a relationship with each other! But you know what I mean!)!Same goes for terms like lady love (that one is probably also a bit too mushy or Romeo and Juliet-esque for some people!).And, of course, you're hardly going to say Brad, the father of Angelina's children !So really, the media doesn't have that many choices when it comes to how to refer to Angie and Brad in relation to each other.
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21:43 - 1391/12/23
wow man!

what a compressed passage! ;)
Qolamreza shahbazi
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00:32 - 1391/09/11
I love you Sean Ali Stone. I think you are the real man.
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13:58 - 1391/10/13
غلام رضا دمت گرم یعنی تو واقعا این متنا رو خوندی؟؟؟ بابا تافل!!1
I foun out you are very smart!
Iran, Islamic Republic of
13:54 - 1391/10/13
hi. I didn't get any thing. my language isn't English. but I know it a little! I searched about Angelina Jolie but ther isn't a photo from her even! any way, thank you!
Iran, Islamic Republic of
11:45 - 1391/11/24
!!منمI think you are the real man.
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