is restarted!

After some delay due to the update, the Iranian based website has started to run again with a new outlook and contents. is a rather small table for a number of Iranians to think and write on the United States of America, American people, American government, and every other matter available to us from that far land. When you sleep, it is only the beginning to the sounds of the doors' opening and the cars are moving on this side of the world. This only difference was enough for us not to think about you and vice versa. Nevertheless, we believe this is a good opportunity for us to establish a direct contact with you. As you are sleeping and resting, we are exploring your thoughts and behaviors so by the time you are awake, you will be able to see yourself from our perspective.

We are a number of journalists and writers who get together under various pretexts. We think about you more than you probably do about us. We think about your industry, moral, art and many other things. Probably, your president and his new figure compared with other presidents, is only a pretext for talking together. Sometimes, we certainly get sharp-tongued which would be required to counter a numerous acts of the American politicians. We are a small group who would question rather than giving judgments, though our questions are mostly sharp.

What are the features? after a time of suspension due to technical problems has launched its new version. This website in its initial stages attracted a lot of attentions as the reaction made by Michael Ledeen, Barack Obama's Counselor on the Iranian Affaires, and has caused a lot of comments in the media as in guardian, Radio Free Europe, Yediot aharonot, etc. The website team hopes to have more influence on its readers in line with its new activities.

This website, launched by some independent media activists in Iran who belong to a wide range of political ideologies, considers studying the issues related to the American government and people and also the matters touching the Iran-America relations.

On you can read the Iranian or non-Iranian expert's latest analysis over the events concerned with the U.S. Politics, U.S. foreign policy, economical problems and human rights issues in the U.S. In addition to this you can also participate by sending your own works and articles on these domains.
A section for publishing journalistic videos and photos is designed in this website where you can find interesting picture news.

Besides, another major section designed in the can be found under "Obama Cafe" that has got three subcategories: Discussion, Hey you! and Entertainment.  Under the Discussion that has already gained the users' popularity in the old version, a subject is proposed by the users and subsequently  the users from Iran, America or other English speakers would be able to talk about the subject.

Some topics are published to be seen by president Obama under the "Hey you!" which is the initial part of "Hey You Mr. President! Have you seen this?"
Some comical writings and games having as their subject politics and International Relations are going to be published under the "Entertainment" section.

If you use to get informed about the latest news, the "Hot news" meets this demand. In this section the latest news from different Medias is published.
One of the sections to be added in the future is the "Tour of Iran". Iran has got special tourist attractions and natural and historical beauties which are unknown and unseen to many. In this section you can get a practical guide for a trip to Iran and visiting this beautiful land so as to get to know the behaviors and traditions of the Iranians by a closer contact.

Another section to be added in the future is the "Top Story" that treats the upcoming events by the means of news, reports, interviews, photos and clips.

In order to strengthen the link between the website and its users, we have created some pages on some of the social networks where you can follow our activities. You can access these networks by clicking the buttons placed under the website's header.

On, we have provided a place for a free flow of information as well as a place to enable Iranians, Americans and other English speaking users to talk about political, cultural, economical and international issues.